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Our final assessment during the minor Meaningful Data Design consisted of another physical object combined with real-time data.
This time we took a closer look to local weather data and came up with an algorithm to translate weather conditions to light.

With 4 different weather conditions – sun, rain, clouds and thunderstorms – and 4 different weather activities – cycling, running, bbq and iceskating – translated to a led-strip using arduino, we chopped a tree trunk to use as basis for the lighting. The challenge was to combine the rawness of the bole with the rather abstract lighting part. Nonetheless we achieved to unite both and presented the Stronk Weather at our final expo.

The Stronk is capable of receiving real-time weather data like temperature, windspeed and various weather condition codes (via JSON). We programmed the weather conditions and activities to short loops so that viewers ‘sense’ the weather. Handy when it comes to making the choice to go out on that morning run!